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LibRaw 1.7beta1 vs dcraw 9.26 result

I was trying to get the similar output to dcraw 9.26-x64 from LibRaw 1.7beta1-x64, but had no luck. Is it possible to get the exact 1:1 match to dcraw? It seems LibRaw is performing some sort of auto adjustment beyond "no_auto_bright", I tried "no_auto_scale" from my code too but it didn't help.

dcraw command:
"dcraw.exe" -v -w +M -n 10 -H 0 -o 1 -W -g 1.0 1.0 -q 3 -6 -4 -T "image.cr2"

dcraw_emu command:
"dcraw_emu.exe" -v -w +M -n 10 -H 0 -o 1 -W -g 1.0 1.0 -q 3 -6 -4 -T "image.cr2"

I uploaded a sample here:

Thank you!