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White point reference

Hi Alex,
1] yes it is clear for me, but must be some reference point for white reconstruct point where camera measure rgb values. It is possible get this reference point from LibRaw? I have function which get CCT from XYZ and I need some reference point from camera to get this white point reference.

and one other question.
2] What is different between pre_mul and cam_mul arrays?

For me working pre_mul as camera temperature setting. I am using matrix

for(int row=0; row < 3; row++)
for(int col=0; col < 3; col++)
cam2RGB[row][col] = rgb_cam[row][col] * pre_mul[col];

than multiply all RGB values for each pixel

int correction_R = cam2RGB[0][0] * pixel_R[col] + cam2RGB[0][1] * pixel_G[col] + cam2RGB[0][2] * pixel_B[col];
int correction_G = cam2RGB[1][0] * pixel_R[col] + cam2RGB[1][1] * pixel_G[col] + cam2RGB[1][2] * pixel_B[col];
int correction_B = cam2RGB[2][0] * pixel_R[col] + cam2RGB[2][1] * pixel_G[col] + cam2RGB[2][2] * pixel_B[col];

cam_mul working too but image is without color cast and image is not same as in other image editors.

Thanks Ladislav