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Problem with Fuji X-E1

I'm using 0.16 in some software and have used LibRAW for years now (Thanks!). Attempting to load a RAF file from the X-E1 is throwing an error in packed_load_raw(). Here's the bit of code:

RBAYER(row+top_margin,i+left_margin) = val;
if (((unsigned)i>=width) && (load_flags & 32) ) {
black += val;
zero += !val;
if ((unsigned) i < width)
BAYER(row,i+left_margin) = val;
else if (load_flags & 32) {
black += val;
zero += !val;

Now, we're in the LIBRAW_LIBRARY_BUILD and it's the RBAYER line there that we crash on. Note, it's row+top_margin there and just row below. FWIW, your new FastRAWViewer handles the file just fine.

Has this been patched and not released or is it just the row+topmargin bit?

Here's the RAF file: