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Problem with libraw 0.15.2

Hello Alex,

i am sure you remember me. I am the developer of "PFind" and I am using your libraw.dll.

Some days ago I updated my code to use your new version ob libraw v 0.15.2. Compiling went fine but there is a major problem:

When I execute (your file from the zipfile) as following:

simple_dcraw.exe -D -v -T problem.cr2

I get an tiff file (of course :-) - but the right area of the image shows an error/strange image data.

When I do it with a "Canon EOS M" everything goes fine.

Please have a look into the source code; maybe you find the reason for the destroyed image?

The "old" version 0.14.x didn't show this error (but the image from a Canon EOS M were not decoded correctly, of course).

I can send you the cr2 file to your email address (I have that already done but you don't answer :-(

A lot of thanks!