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LibRaw 0.15.0-Alpha4

LibRaw 0.15-Alpha4 introduces a lot of changes:
  • Alpha-quality (i.e. untested) RawSpeed library support ( Decoding (LibRaw::unpack()) of supported formats is 1.5-3x times faster.
  • OpenMP speedup for linear interpolation
  • Disabled decoding JPEG (lossy DNG) data from memory buffer for libjpeg version less than 8. Use -DUSE_JPEG8 if your jpeg is v8+
  • hotspots moved to virtual functions
  • is_phaseone_compressed() call
  • PhaseOne RAWs: for user-specified black level(s) black subtraction works as expected.
  • ABI and API changed, all programs using 0.15-Alpha1-3 should be recompiled!

More on RawSpeed support:

  • API changes:
    • imgdata.params.use_rawspeed run-time configuration option (default to Yes!)
    • LibRaw::set_rawspeed_camerafile(char *path_to_cameras_xml) - call to set camera information on runtime (cameras.xml from latest release is compiled in). If you do not use this call, compile-time cameras.xml will be used.
    • New call Libraw*datastream::size() returns full size of data file (needed for RawSpeed support). Implemented for all datastreams provided with LibRaw.
    • imgdata.sizes.raw_pitch - row pitch in imgdata.rawdata.raw_image Use raw_image[row*raw_pitch+col] instead of [row*raw_width+col] if your code accesses raw_image[] array.
  • Other changes:
    • dcraw_emu: command line switch -disars disables RawSpeed use
    • postprocessing_benchmark: use -c to disable RawSpeed use
  • RawSpeed support uses buffer for full RAW file, so memory usage is higher.
  • Compilation:
    • Use -DUSE_RAWSPEED define to turn RawSpeed support on. You'll need to compile and install RawSpeed on your system. See README.RawSpeed.txt for details
    • set -DNOSONY_RAWSPEED to disable Sony files decoding by RawSpeed
    • ./configure do not supported yet, use Makefile.dist on Unix/Mac and Makefile.msvc on Win32
    • (Unix only) Set RAWSPEED_XMLDATA=../path/to/cameras.xml to re-build internal copy of RawSpeed's cameras.xml file
  • TODO:
    • RawSpeed decode support for non-bayer images
    • Remove double-buffering if LibRaw_buffer_datstream is used
    • Documentation and samples Update