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Green tones into final raw.

Helo, i'm developing a software that mix some raw files and save into dng. The problem is that into end raw imagen had green tonnes.

What i do.

Sort images by exposition time, less exposed first and calculate a correct factor (RFC) based into relative exposition between them, so:

If a have 3 images (first image, image0, less exposed):

image0 RFC[0]=1.0
image1 RFC[1]=0.5336
image2 RFC[2]=0.2476

And RFC[0]... RFC[2] are relative correction factor based into his exposition ( brightness.)

The final image will be the result of mix this 3 images. There will be 2 situations for every 'pixel-cell' of the destination raw (save into dng format)

Situation A. The result cell will be a simple cell , and came from a unique cell of the originals images.

Situation B. The result cell will be a mix cell, and came from 2 cells of the original cells.

Cell type A (simple)

dest. cell = cell * RFC[x]

Cell type B (mix)

dest. cell = cell1 * RFC[x] + cell2 * RFC[x+1]

This software was ok when the sources was tiff files but i got green cells if i try develop and work with raw files.

I'm working with simple bayer pattern raw files like CR2.


The RFC are calculate only with R,G1 and B values (not used G2) but i got the same result if included G2.

What happen ?

Is imposible multiplicate cells of a destination raw before demosaicing by different numbers (RFC) without obtains green tonnes ?

How can I get this...

This technique worked with tiff files.