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Question about "maximum", "channel_maximum[4]" data fields and an observaition...


I noticed that when exp_shift is used, the "maximum", "channel_maximum[4]" data fields are corrected accordingly by the exp_shift value. Why is that needed. I mean if a 12bit raw value is for example 3000, what is the reason to double it (exp_shift == 2.0) when 6000 exceeds the 12bit max possible value 4095?
Also I noticed in the latest release that when an image is opened in half_mode and then reopened to full resolution the four_color_rgb switch seem to be on and cannot be off even if explicitly set to 0. This was first observed in the past (release 0.11 i think) but then it was fixed.
Thank you for the answers and thank you very much for providing LibRaw!