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I successfully applied CIECAM02 to a RAW imaging workflow. The main problem was to identify the adopted white from scene colorimerty as an input to CIECAM02. I ended up using the cameras white balance for ease in order to complete the experiment. The scene illumination was calculated from ISO and Exposure and gave favorable results. The main part of the process was to characterise the camera using a double monochromator and calculate the cameras spectral response. This was then used to determine the device RGB to XYZ matrix by reducing errors in JMH space for different values of La and white point.

The resulting matrices were used to transform RAW RGB to XYZ according to scene white and La and then passed through CIECAM02.
The internal coordinates used were JMH and output to standard sRGB viewing conditions through the reverse CIECAM02.

I got some pretty good results, (although maybe not appearance perfect) compared to the sRGB JPEG produced by the Nikon D70s.

DCRAW and Matlab used for computation.