LibRaw for Windows 32 bit?

I am a little bit confused by the naming of output folder in libraw.vcxproj: debug-x86_64 and debug-x86_64. This sounds like being usable with 32 bit, but the project is built as 64 bit.
As the 32-bit-version of my program - in which I plan to use LibRaw - is still downloaded with significant numbers, I built LibRaw and hurlbertvisionlab's LibRawWrapper for 32 bit. My program just uses LibRawWrapper + LibRaw to display the RAW-image. For most of my test images this worked. Some gave the exception "Insufficient memory", which is understandable with 32 bit. One image gave "Only single or three-color formats are supported" with 32-bit, but worked with 64-bit.
My intention is now to include LibRaw also in the 32-bit-version of my program - with mentioning the limitation that it may not work for all images. This would be better than not trying to display the RAW images at all.
Are there reasons not to follow this approach?
Is the strategy of LibRaw team not to support 32-bit Windows at all? Honestly, this would be reasonable for me, allthough my program still has some 32-bit friends.


Could you please provide the

Could you please provide the sample file that is handled wrong in 32-bit mode? Use for that :)

On Nov 26, 2021 we fixed one 32-bit related error via this commit:
Probably it will fix the issue but we need sample file to be sure.

If your LibRaw is older consider upgrade via github (or just apply this patch)

The easiest way to build 32-bit LibRaw for windows is
1) start Visual Studio developer shell in 32 bit mode
(e.g: run cmd.exe and execute
call "C:\Program Files ... path to VisualStudio installation...\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86
2) run nmake -f Makefile.msvc to build LibRaw

32-bit windows (and even more broadly, 32-bit apps) don't look relevant in 2022, nevertheless, it is still too early to completely stop 32-bit systems support.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Hi Alex,

Hi Alex,
thanks a lot for the fast response. Good to hear, that I can proceed with 32-bit. I am also surprised that there still seems to be the need for it.
My LibRaw is older. I started with which includes LibRaw and is from July 2021. Will update the local copy of LibRaw with latest version from and will let you know about the result.
Link to sample file is sent to