Which aces colorspace is defined in -o 6


a professor introduced me to libraw because I need to convert my raw files to linear tiff in a defined colorspace.
In the dcraw manpage you can find the argument -o 6 for ACES.
But what aces colorspace is ment by this?
AP1 seems to be a bit to greenish and ap0 a bit to red, but this is only in comparison to my memory.
I attached contact sheet that compares the two here https://ufile.io/chi40f32

Also, is there a way to extract the exact color matrix that is embedded in the .cr2 raw files?


ACES matrix is defined in

ACES matrix is defined in void CLASS convert_to_rgb()
The resulting profile is automatically embedded in the output file if you use -o 6 Your bitmap image processing needs either to acknowledge the embedded profiles, or you can extract the profile from the output and assign it manually. The first solution is the right one.

There is no colour matrix embedded in CR2 files that we know of, and I doubt it is even there. Canon DPP software contains the profiles (mostly they are LUTs, not simple matrices).

Iliah Borg