ACES colorspace support


dcraw added support for the ACES color gamut, i.e. a "-o 6" option, with a commit on May 10th, 2016. Are there any plans to include that support in libRaw?

The commit is 1.477,v

HP Duiker


wrong ACES Primaries

I tested the new ACES Primaries implementation (in dcraw).
Looks like you are using the AP1 primaries rather than the AP0.
ACES is defined to use AP0 primaries for image exchange.

Hope that makes sense.

Could you please suggest a

Could you please suggest a patch to fix it (for dcraw, if you're not familiar with LibRaw source)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

well I am not familiar with

well I am not familiar with the code base. Just wanted to leave this here. Basically, the aces target space has the wrong primaries.

You should use:
// RGB = ACES: 0.7347,0.2653 0.0,1.0 0.0001,-0.0770
// White = D60: 0.32168,0.33767

but it seems that you are using
// RGB = ACESwork: 0.713,0.293,0.165,0.83,0.128,0.044
// White = D60: 0.32168,0.33767

hope this helps