Dear Libraw-Developers,

What are the requirements to use the libraw source-code in an (closed source) commercial application?

From what I understood the "libraw commercial software license agreement" allows this and merely requires attribution.

My questions:
1.) Is attribution sufficient?
2.) Is it mandatory to have the license-agreement in written and signed form?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Brian


LibRaw is licensed in triple

LibRaw is licensed in triple-licensing form:
- or CDDL
- or LibRaw own license (to be dropped in 0.18-release, because all signed agreements has ended).

You (app developer) is free to choose license (from LGPL/CDDL if you wish to use LibRaw 0.18 when we'll release it) that suits you best.

In short:

LGPL2 allows use in Commercial App if you use Library (LibRaw in this case) as shared-library and has published in open-source (under LGPL2) any changes you made to Library source. If you use LibRaw unmodified, you only need to use it in shared-library form (.DLL/.so/.dylib)

CDDL is more permissive, you may just use the library and do not forced to publish your changes to it.

Attribution is needed in both cases. Written/signed form is not needed.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thanks for claryfying, Alex :

Thanks for claryfying, Alex :). I have a few follow-up questions though.

1.) Is it possible to use the (own) libraw-license for 0.17?
2.) Which licenses allow static linking without disclosing the complete source?
3.) Which licenses allow including of the source-code without disclosing the complete source?

Cheers, Brian

1) We want to drop this

1) We want to drop this license, so please select from CDDL/LGPL2 (btw, LibRaw license do not cover updates, so in general you need to re-sign when you go from LibRaw 0.17 to 0.18).

2-3) CDDL is very permissive, so yes for both questions

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

CDDL will be the weapon of my

CDDL will be the weapon of my choice then. Thanks for your instant support. :)