Questions on licensing

I'd like to ask about libraw (and libraw-lite) licensing.

Both libraries share the (almost) same code, and both are licenced under LGL 2.1; but libraw can be distributed choosing one of three available.

What are the main reason for this?

Reading the source, I can notice some comments like 'LIBRAW_DEMOSAIC_PACK_GPL3' or 'LIBRAW_DEMOSAIC_PACK_GPL2'... what is meaning? Portion of the code can be included only if distributed which some licences?

Thanks for your time!


LibRaw-Lite is no longer

LibRaw-Lite is no longer exists since version 0.9 or so.

There are:
- main LibRaw, distributed under triple licensing
- GPL2+ licensed sources (demosaic-pack-GPL2): Foveon support and some demosaic methods
- GPL3+ licensed sources: several demosaics plus noise reduction.

Depending on your application license, you may use only main LibRaw (if your application is not GPLed), LibRaw+GPL2 pack (for GPL2+ app), LibRaw+GPL2+GPL3 (for GPL3+ apps)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC