LibRaw 0.11 Beta2

All-new LibRaw 0.11 Beta2 is avaliable for developers

Changes list, in short (from 0.10.0):

  • It is now possible to crop output image on postprocessing stage (dcraw_process). Coordinates and size of the output box are set via imgdata.params.cropbox[4] parameter. Look into LibRaw documentation for more details.
  • Processing pipeline has changed: the black level is subtracted from data on postprocessing stage either automatically (on dcraw_process() stage) or by special LibRaw API call:
  • New ./configure script. Use ./configure -h for usage details.
  • New API cals static LibRaw::dcraw_clear_mem() (C++ API) and libraw_dcraw_clear_mem(..) (C API). This calls are used to free memory, allocated by dcraw_make_mem_image() and dcraw_make_mem_thumb() instead of free() call.
  • Many minor changes and bugfixes:
  • all client code should be recompiled due to structures size change

Look into version's changelog for more details.

Feel free to report bugs and ask questions.