Problems building libraw.dll

In the absence of an updated libraw.dll in your recent releases on Github, I tried to recompile the sources to create it here. I was eventually able to set everything up and run nmake on Makefile.msvc and it appeared to run to completion, but the resulting libraw.dll is apparently 32-bit and not 64-bit as required. Your instructions do not explain how to modify Makefile.msvc to produce 64-bit dll and lib files. Also, I found the reference in the documentation to libjpeg/zlib.libjasper somewhat cryptic as no such folder appears in the release and the text INCLUDE/LIB does not appear in the makefile. In any case, I did not seem to get any errors related to this. Please advise how to continue.

I use a VC base development environment and have not used makefiles for at least 25 years, so I am a admittedly little rusty. If you really want Windows users to incorporate LibRaw, please update the build instructions or, preferably, rebuild libraw.dll and libraw.lib when you issue new releases. Other than the dll issues, I have found your software reliable and very useful and would like to get my image editor (Picture Window) updated to the latest version.

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Sachs


There is no need to modify

There is no need to modify Makefile.msvc for 64-bit.

Just run nmake in corresponding (32 or 64 bit) Developer Shell (or use vcvarsNN.bat to set up environment variables)

We also provide LibRaw.sln (one may need to change tools version to Visual Studio used)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC