Alexa LF Plus W support?

I have a . ARI file from Alexa LF plus W, but I can't open it with libraw. Is the camera not supported yet?


Last LibRaw public snapshot

Last LibRaw public snapshot supports some Arri models if compiled with LIBRAW_OLD_VIDEO_SUPPORT defined. Not sure that LibRaw support this specific camera (Alexa LF listed as supported, do not know what is pus W)

We plan to continue Arri support up to release 0.21, than drop this support: LibRaw is not about video.

Please consider use of other API (e.g. Arri SDK)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thank you. Now I use command

Thank you. Now I use command line tool to decode. Alexa LF plus W is the camera of the ARI file that I exported with other software.