Fuji X-T4 Compressed Samples

I found some samples of Fuji X-T4 raws that LibRaw seems to have problems handling.

There seems to be a few things going wrong with this one. The version that parse_fuji_compressed_header() finds is version 0 which is not supported as the check is for version != 1. This image does appear to be compressed though (half the file size of a normal X-T4). Not sure if LibRaw will support a version 0 compression algorithm but just something I noticed, also all the other conditions are satisfied as true for the compression check.

As well something is off with the sizes (height reporting as 1004).

raw_height = 4182
raw_width = 6384
height = 1004
width = 6276
cleft = 6
ctop = 13
cwidth = 6240
cheight = 4160

Not sure if you guys have this resolved in another branch or area but if there is a place to provide samples I can share the ones I found.



X-T4 lossless compressed

X-T4 lossless lossy compressed files are not supported for LibRaw yet.

UPD: correction, lossless files are supported, lossy are not.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thanks for the update Alex

Thanks for the update Alex and all the work you and the LibRaw team do! If you need samples just let me know I currently have two files I could provide. I look forward to an upcoming release with the lossy support added.

Yes, samples are welcome

Yes, samples are welcome (although we have several ones).

If you do not want to share it in public, use WeTransfer service/free option and send samples to info@libraw.org.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC