Uninstall LibRaw on Linux

I'm having this strange error, where i wanted to upgrade the library, but my program keeps using the old version 0.19.5-Release.

Things i've done to upgrade:

git pull # In git-cloned directory
autoreconf --install
sudo make install

I've even gone as far as to manually deleting the libraries from /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include, where they got installed, but that didn't help either. Even with these files missing, i can build and run my project as before; which is either by passing -lraw to g++ or by writing link_libraries(raw).

When i run one of the examples, LibRaw::version() yields the correct, new version however, which is 0.20.0-WorkInProgress.

What am i missing? The linker somehow seems to find the old library and i can't say why and how.

Any help is highly appreciated.


I got it solved by myself:

I got it solved by myself:

I had the libraw-package of my distribution installed and g++ seams to find the files first, where the package-manager has put them. Deinstalling the package resolved the error. Everything works as expected now.