DNG image with YCbCr photometric


I am sending a link to info (a..t) libraw.com for a DNG file that I would like to understand how to interpret. It seems to be color-encoded with YCbCr color. Yet, if I convert from YCbCr/YUV to RGB after demosaicing, I get an extreme color shift (using old dcraw code as a base).

Libraw *correctly* interprets the file, outputting a good RGB version. Also dcraw_emu correctly handles it.

However, dcraw (the old "original" one) does not. I have been trying to figure out why that is the case. It is interesting, too, because Lightroom shows a wrong preview (colors off), but correctly loads the file, whereas Photoshop shows a correct preview.

The XYZ matrix is zero, but there's a DNG Colormatrix 2.

Could you please help me with understanding why dcraw does not correctly conver the color?
Which update/addition to libraw enables libraw to convert it correctly?

Thank you!




Thanks, Iliah,

as a hint for others experiencing strange issues with DNG files: If you are using ImageMagick's compile of DCraw - that's the problem. It's broken.