help with tiff

I have never been able to solve this problem
Many different scenarios and tries

I know it is trivial

In windows command line

simple_dcraw produces ppm
simple_dcraw -L gives list
simple_dcraw - e gives thumb
simple_dcraw -T

always crashes
gives empty .tiff

Any thoughts



what version do you use

what version do you use (precompiled one, or compiled by you?)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Compiled by me - I use make

Compiled by me - I use make -f makefile.mingw
I make all samples work - no problems - just the tiff
I use windows
make -f makefile.mingw
Like i say the ppm and the thumb work perfect

While I have your attention could you please tell me
on the -Z option to stdout
What is the output - does it have a header - is it tiff or ppm
A C programmer would find this instantly - but not me

I no C programmer but last year i got a stdout pgm working
that outputs to Windows using stdout - i get thumbs and exit
etc and all works great and fast
Thanks for you help

Tiff output

18.2 and 18.3 so it is no my end