Astro Pixel Processor

Dear Team,

I will be using LibRaw for my astrophotography software package Astro Pixel Processor:

I have already written raw converters myself for Canon CR2 and Nikon NEF. And these support all camera models from the last 10 years.

To further support other camera brands in Astro Pixel Processor, I decided that LibRaw is a good choice to use instead of myself having to write the converters for the other thank you very much for your great work. My impression is that your work adds great value to the already great work of Dave Coffin of dcraw.

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For astrophotography, it's important to use the data in the it's purest raw form to correcly perform data calibration (subtract the bias/dark current signals, apply flats for vignetting and dust correction). So I really like that I can access the raw data directly after unpacking the data with LibRaw.

LibRaw will be used in Astro Pixel Processor from version 1.072 (to be released March 2019).

Kind regards,
Mabula Haverkamp
Aries Productions