CMYK Raw Image Data

I've tried FastRawViewer and an python libraw(rawpy) parser for reading some CMYK raw image data.
However, none of them was able to read my file.

Until now the only way i've found to read this file is by using Photoshop (opening it there renamed as .raw).
I uploaded a sample of the file i mentioned to google drive:
It is a GrayScale 1-Channel file. Dimensions 305wx374h.

Any input is very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


The file sample you provide

The file sample you provide *mostly* contains 0xFF bytes (not all bytes are 0xff, but ~62% from beginning is).

It is not easy to analyze such samples, do you have another one (with some image with well-known object with known non-neutral colors).

Generally, CustomCamera may work for FRV, but we need known colors to guess CFA.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

OK, opened it in phothoshop.

OK, opened it in phothoshop.
I do not see 2x2 patterns (typical for bayer CFA). If non-bayer CFA is used, than LibRaw/FRV Custom Camera would not help, it targeted for bayer CFA only.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC