dcraw_process XYZ output


I'm trying different values for imgdata.params.output_color.
I took a test picture where all channels did clip, and use cam_mul.

Using in imgdata.params.output_color=1 (sRGB), I get as average R=1, G=1, B=1 (*65535).
This is exactly what I expected since all the channels have clipped: I get D65 white. :)

Now I try imgdata.params.output_color=5 (XYZ).
I was expecting to get D65 white, which is (normalized to Y=1):
X=0.95, Y=1, Z=1.09.

I get
X=0.95, Y=1, Z=1 (*65535).

So it seems there was some cropping on the Z value.
What do you recommend?

Is there a way to apply a 1/1.09 factor on all XYZ values to avoid this clipping?