Standalone WIN32 program

Hey guys,

thanks for the latest support. I was able to use the demosaic function now by using the right libraw.dll.

Now my program is ready to be released but there is a next problem:

My standalone WIN32 program runs on many PCs but unfortunately not on all.
On those ones the program is not starting. The PC is shortly working creating a task but then killing it and nothing happens without any error message. When I try to run the example programs in the /bin folder they do not work either. Windows is killing them with the standard error message "the program doesn't work" suggesting to close it.
I use the libraw.dll in the /bin folder. Threfore I think there is something wrong with this .dll. Maybe it needs some System dlls which are not available as the right version on all Win7 PCs.

Is there a way to built the libraw.dll in a way to run on all Win7 PCs?

My Setup is Win7 64bit (Program built as 32bit there is no problem) using Visual Studio 2010.



Most likely you need Visual

Most likely you need Visual Studio runtime installed (or just copied into program folder)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC