Compile visual studio solution with demosaic pack

I'd like to use a couple features of demosaic pack (namely amaze and CA correction) from a command line tool.
Think the best would be to start compiling libraw with demosaic pack support. I found the location into makefile to uncomment in order to compile with demosaic pack support, but i'm on Win/VS and would like to compile from there.
Plain compilation is OK under VS2012.
I tried adding a project with files from demosaic pack GPL 3 but it fails (probably due to unsatisfied dependancies).

Any hint/advice?


You need to

You need to
1) add LIBRAW_DEMOSAIC_PACK_GPL2 and/or LIBRAW_DEMOSAIC_PACK_GPL3 to C++ preprocessor defines
2) add path to Demosaic Pack(s) to #include path

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC