compiling with mingw for Qt

Hi everyone

I have a problem. When I'm compiling libraw-0-13.6 with MSYS "mingw32-make -f makefile.mingw" everthing is good and I got "libraw.a". But when I add lib to Qt I got "undefined reference to `_imp___ZN6LibRawC1Ej'". I try compiling with "./configure" and then "make install" but I got many error while compiling - like "undefined reference to `_imp___ZN6LibRaw6callocEjj'" or "undefined reference to `ntohs@4'. I opened in QT and when I'm compiling with msvc2008 compiler everything is good but when I use mingw/gcc compiler I got "undefined reference to `ntohs@4". I must have this lib compiled with mingw not msvc2008.

I search for this problem but i don't find any solutions.
Please for solutions.
Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you.


ntohs is in libws2_32

ntohs is in libws2_32 library, so you need to add this lib to your linker command line.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC