Download LibRaw-Lite

About LibRaw-Lite

LibRaw-Lite is a slightly stripped-down LibRaw version. If you use LibRaw postprocessing routines inherited from dcraw, not RAW data itself, LibRaw-Lite is for you.

LibRaw-Lite distributed under the terms of LGPL 2.1 (or later), so you may use LibRaw-Lite in non-opensource software (if you do not modify the library).

LibRaw-Lite-0.7.2.tar.gz (268 kb)
Source code for Unix (Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD) and Windows (32 and 64 bits). (305 kb)
Same sources in .zip format (923 kb)
Sources + compiled libraries (DLL and static) + compiled examples for Win32 (Windows XP/Server/Vista). Compiled by MS Visual C++ 2008, should work under any modern Windows version (tested only on Vista x32 and x64). (1443 kb)
Sources + compiled libraries (only static non-multithreaded libs) + compiled examples for Win32. Compiled with MinGW, tested only under Windows Vista. (1504 kb)
Sources + compiled library + compiled samples for Mac OS X (Intel only). Compiled and tested under Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5.5).
LibRaw-Lite-0.7.2-Linux.tar.gz (1448 kb)
Sources + compiled library + compiled samples for Linux i386. Compiled and tested under OpenSUSE 10.