RAW EXIF tag editing Anamorphic de-squeeze:

could the following be achieved with Libraw?

apply a custom aspect ratio to Fujifilm.RAF RAW images are made with an anamorphic lens and applied to a specific aspect ratio de-squeeze (1.33X or 1.5X) on the horizontal axis. that will also be applied to any embedded preview images.

once the files have the proper aspect display metadata Capture One Pro will be used to process and export the final deliverables.

I am on MACOS Ventura.

I have not used Libraw in the past. but I am capable of following directions and asking for help if I’m stuck.

if it is not achievable with libraw; what process could implement the proper EXIF tag changes to "force" display the anamorphic images in the correct desqueezed aspect ratio?

thank you


You (probably) may receive

You (probably) may receive tag values you want via exif callback: https://www.libraw.org/docs/API-datastruct-eng.html#libraw_callbacks_t and https://www.libraw.org/docs/API-CXX.html#exif

As mentioned on the this site homepage/LibRaw project description:

Additionally, the LibRaw library offers some basic RAW conversion, intended for cases when such conversion is not the main function of the LibRaw-using application (for example: a viewer for 500+ graphic file formats, including RAW). These methods are inherited from the Dave Coffin’s dcraw.c utility (see below the “Project history” section); their further development is not currently planned

LibRaw RAW postprocessing (sample code) do not apply any custom aspect ratio change, although you may implement your own on processed image.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC